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"From the very start I wanted to create a range that would take hair trends in new directions. Each year we celebrate this innovation with a collection that brings it all together. Everything is driven by my desire to give you the products and tools needed to create those special moments yourself. Welcome to LOOK.BOOK 2021."

-Kevin Murphy

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Kevin the
Session Stylist

Industry icon Kevin Murphy understands the transformative power of hair better than anyone in his profession. As a master of runway, editorial and film, Kevin’s work has graced the covers of all major global print publications, and he has directed hair teams for countless high-profile fashion houses. Today, Kevin remains at the forefront of an industry that he is deeply committed to and passionate about. From leading the trends with new, innovative hair designs, to creating ground-breaking products that are both kind to the environment and to the hair, a visionary in the creation of modern hairdressing products and tools.

Skincare for your hair

Born from the same philosophy as skincare, KEVIN.MURPHY products are weightlessly designed to deliver performance, strength and longevity. Combining advanced scientific knowledge with the very best natural ingredients, KEVIN.MUPRHY products provide the tools to recreate high-fashion runway looks in the salon and at home, while always remaining kind to the environment. A powerhouse of antioxidants from natural sources such as Kakadu Plum, Orchid, Lotus Flower and Desert Lime, help to reduce breakage and assist in repairing the look and feel of chemically damaged hair. All KEVIN.MURPHY products are naturally sulphate free, paraben free and free from animal testing.

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The Choices We Make

At KEVIN.MURPHY, we care about the environment and make every effort to lessen our impact. Creating products with a conscience that are both kind to the hair and to the environment has been our guiding principle from the very beginning. Every product is formulated with natural ingredients from sustainable and renewable sources that are harvested in an environmentally responsible way. We use packaging that is recyclable wherever possible. Our sleek, modern, square bottles aren’t just uniquely designed for looks—they actually hold more product while using less plastic.

Our passion for protecting the environment goes beyond just our products and packaging. From collaborating with Al Gore in the Climate Reality Project, to donating to the Australian Conservation Foundation and supporting environmentally focused charities through THE HEART OF KEVIN.MURPHY, we continue to be part of the global solution for change.

We also love our furry friends and will never harm nor test on animals. At KEVIN.MURPHY, THE CHOICES WE MAKE maintain our commitment to the environmental issues that affect us all.

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Healthy hair begins with a healthy scalp. Treat it as you would your skin and take your scalp to the spa with a luxurious blend of skin-loving ingredients like Micelles, Celery Seed Extract and Rose Water—all hand-picked for their abilities to help soothe, balance and retain moisture for optimal scalp health.


“With the new SCALP regimen, I sought to create products that address many of our scalp needs. These star products are packed with a range of skin loving ingredients that nurture the scalp back to health, giving your hair radiant results. A clean, healthy scalp is important to ensuring the health and growth of your hair.”

- Kevin Murphy

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“Our new Wood Bark Complex found in EVER.SMOOTH is a blend of Blue and White Cypress with Lemon Aspen. Selected for their high Antioxidant content, they harness nature’s regenerative properties and act much like natural AHAs. These sustainably harvested and indigenously sourced native trees can survive the harsh Australian climate, and our blend harnesses their ability to withstand intense heat to help your hair survive the most extreme and damaging heat styling techniques including blow drying.”

-Kevin Murphy


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Style and Control Tubs

Mould, create and control your style with our range of supercharged formulas enriched with naturally derived ingredients like Grapefruit, Green Tea and Bamboo Extracts. From moulding pastes, to styling clay and sculpting gel, these formulas are tailor-made to give you the control you need and the texture you crave.


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A range of versatile, high-performance finishing hairsprays with memory hold resins to lock style into your hair while maintaining weightless moisture and manageability.


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Give hair and scalp a much-needed DETOX. Wash away unwanted mineral and product buildup while a stimulating blend of Camphor, Bergamot, Mint and Black Pepper invigorate, strengthen and revitalise the hair and scalp.

Detox Products


From creamy to platinum, to yellowed or grey, no blonde is left un-toned thanks to a restorative blend of Optical Brighteners, Lavender and Jojoba Seed Oil.


Blonde Wash

This bestselling regimen was created with love for our blondes. Bombshells, prepare to be blown away as brassy, blah tones are virtually banished and shine is restored.


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While on a shoot in Malaysia at the height of the smoothing craze, a wave crashed into the set, giving Kevin the idea to scrunch a mixture of eyeshadow and hair gel into the model’s hair. With this new form of texture, Kevin was named the creator of the beach wave by Vogue Magazine, and HAIR.RESORT was born. Infused with Honey and Citrus Oils, our line of TEXTURE products create sexy, surfer texture to give you the iconic beach hair look that Kevin is renowned for.

Texture products


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Plump up your hair with our THICKENING regimen featuring advanced eyelash thickening technology that utilises Tripeptides to help strengthen and densify fine or thin hair. Immortelle and Baobab Extracts help retain moisture and elasticity. Say hello to extra fullness and thickness with beautif-FULL body and bounce.



Turn back time on your hair and feel YOUNG.AGAIN. Our revitalising and nurturing regimen puts body and bounce back into damaged, ageing hair. A restorative blend of Baobab and Immortelle Oils, Lotus Flower, Orchid Extract and a nourishing complex of up to 20 Amino Acids help soften dry, damaged hair and renew youthful-looking lustre to locks.

Young Again


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Put the bounce back into sad curls and get frizz under control. Our CURL regimen defines and enhances curly and wavy hair, while a carefully selected blend of weightless moisturisers and frizz fighters helps nourish and treat hair as you style.

Curl Products


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Give dry, damaged hair some love and much needed hydration. Our HYDRATE regimen is the ultimate thirst quencher for parched hair, designed to add weightless moisture and silky softness with a replenishing cocktail of naturally derived ingredients. Harvested from the Australian Rainforest, Kakadu Plum is known as the world’s most powerful Antioxidant - delivering 50 times more Vitamin C than any other known plant. This highly concentrated Antioxidant, combined with nourishing Shea Butter and Orchid Extract, help repair the hair’s surface by locking in essential moisture for smooth, healthy-looking hair from root to tip.



Smooth Products

“When developing SMOOTH.AGAIN, I looked to ingredients that would treat and improve the hair, deliver long-term conditioning benefits and also be effective in high temperatures. A carefully selected blend of 6 highly beneficial Australian Fruit Extracts (Desert Lime, Australian Round Lime, Illawarra Plum, Australian Finger Lime, Burdekin Plum and Kakadu Plum) were chosen for their resilience to harsh climate conditions and their hydrophilic properties.”

- Kevin Murphy


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Give your hair some serious extra oomph. Our VOLUME regimen delivers volume, fullness and body to fine, fragile hair. A nurturing infusion of Mango and Cocoa Butters, Green Tea, Lavender and Rose Hip Extracts help moisturise the hair without weighing it down. Soothing essential oils, vitamins, proteins and powerful antioxidants help to nourish and transform hair that has been colour treated or damaged. Create styles that defy gravity with out-of-this-world volume, flexible fullness and hold.




Repair products

Bring dry, damaged, frizzy, over-processed hair back to life with our REPAIR regimen, formulated with superfood proteins from nutrient-rich Green Pea that restore frazzled locks. Powerful Papaya and Pineapple enzymes penetrate the hair to naturally bind moisture and provide targeted nutrition without added weight. Bask in a lush aroma of Oranges, Sweet Florals and Currant Noir Extracts as you give hair some much needed love.



Protect products

Arm your hair with a protective shield against heat damage. HEATED.DEFENSE is a weightless, invisible, leave-in foam treatment designed to deliver a supreme line of defense against damage associated with heated and mechanical tools. Provides extreme heat protection up to 232˚C / 450˚F.

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Colour with a Conscious

COLOR.ME is our multi-tonal, high-performing, flexible colour line created to give stylists endless possibilities to optimise colour work—from creating ground-breaking new techniques to customising colours. Packed with naturally beneficial ingredients, COLOR.ME helps to moisturise and rejuvenate the hair while imparting incredible shine and colour. It’s natural, good-for-you colour that’s kind to the hair and also kind to the environment.

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Exclusively formulated to maximise the specialised qualities of COLOR.ME, our LIQUID and CREAM.ACTIVATORS are mixed with shades to achieve your desired end result. LIQUID.ACTIVATOR is the perfect viscosity for a quick basin application and is ideally suited for liquid refining. CREAM.ACTIVATOR creates a beautiful colour mix that is easy to apply with no running or dripping and ensures a luxurious cosmetic feel on the hair.



Lighten up with our collection of high-performance lighteners that achieve up to six to nine levels of lift. A range of innovative formulas and textures offer colourists a customised lightening approach to meet each client’s individual hair goals.

Lighteners Products


Endless possibilities. Endless creativity. COLOR.ME is so versatile that it can be used as a demi or permanent colour. HIGH PERFORMANCE Imparts beautiful multi-tonal effects, provides brilliant grey coverage and delivers up to four levels of lift.

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New! Violet.Intense

These fresh new COLOR.ME shades are for no shrinking violet. Ethereal boldness can be seen in these enigmatic violets that are intriguing, yet unexpectedly modern. Use them to counteract warmth in blondes or add an intense violet reflect to make an electrifying statement. However you decide to use them, the versatility will open endless creative avenues of unique self-expression.

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New! Chocolate.Ash

Natural with a touch of drama. CHOCOLATE.ASH brings a luminous, confident glow that conveys a message of natural beauty paired with glamour and luxury. Perfectly juxtaposed, these flattering shades are effortless and earthy, yet sensuous and sophisticated. Create cool chocolates, taupe and bronde reflects for a multifaceted colour that is low maintenance and highly dimensional with shine like no other.

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“As a smart, flexible range on a mission to help colourists work smarter, not harder, I am constantly exploring the best innovations in colour technology. pH.D gives colourists the ability to transform permanent colour into a true no-lift, no-shift deposit only colour, increasing service options while decreasing inventory.”

- Kevin Murphy

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Velvet Flora Velvet Flora

Imagine the halcyon days of summer, the scent of flowers in full bloom, the sound of bees humming around them, and the dappled light piercing the vines that surround a charming Italian villa. This is VELVET.FLORA. Our collection was inspired in part by The Roses of Heliogabalus, painted in 1888 by Anglo-Dutch artist Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadama, that depicts the young Roman Emperor Heliogabalus hosting a decadent banquet with guests immersed in drifts of petals.

“Movement that appears natural can be very hard to achieve, and even harder to maintain. It’s not as simple as just leaving your hair to air dry. Great looking natural hair always comes down to your product choice.”

- Kevin Murphy

Step out of the darkness and into a vibrant setting of bold colour with a touch of extravagance. Inspired by 70’s French disco, ULTRA.VIOLET is your coming out party where memories of nights past and nights yet to come bring a glowing sense of optimism.

A new wave of high-octane glamour is on the way as we all prepare to dress up once again. Gowns, glitter, heels, highly styled hair—nothing is off limits. Now isn’t the time for playing it safe, it’s time to embrace the unabashed maximalism offered.

The End.

CREATIVE DIRECTION: Kevin Murphy • PHOTOGRAPHER: Luis Murphy • STYLING: Wade Blackford, Nathan Gorman, Xeneb Allen, James Nicholson, Lucus Dowling • COLOUR: Kate Reid & Lucus Dowling • DIGITAL MOTION: John O’rourke & Reuben Gates • MAKEUP: Kenneth Higgins & Chelsea Burns • FASHION: Emily Ward & Olivia Foulds • EXTENSIONS: Showpony